What to Wear

The What to Wear for you Engagement Pictures Guide

from your favorite wedding photographer

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Many brides come to me so stressed on what to wear and when I was a bride I was a hot mess! I was holding up basically my whole closet against me asking Alex (my now husband) what outfit to wear.

Yes, I was desperate. But once I finally picked an outfit, I realized that it should have been something simple.

Choosing what to wear can be difficult because you have so many possible outfits and nothing to wear all at the same time.


So how did I choose what to wear? How can you choose what to wear?

Wear what makes you, YOU.

Wear something that you’re completely and absolutely comfortable in.

I know, I know, it should too simple, too easy. But isn’t that what it should be? Your engagement session is going to be focused on the love and happiness shared between the both of you. Of course, outfits help tie the pictures together, but overall, these pictures are about the both of you.

So, my BIGGEST tip is to wear something you ADORE.


Comfort. Adoration. Confidence.

If you love the outfit, you’ll feel confident in it, which will reflect in your photos.

Adoration will ensure that you love it. Many brides will go and buy new outfits right before the session without really wearing their outfit beforehand. If you buy a new outfit, have your amazing fiancé take you on a date, test out that brand new dress!

Casual and Classy.

For your engagement session with me pick two outfits.

Make the first one casual, an outfit that you and your fiancé are comfortable in.

The next one, have it on the fancier side, either a fancy top or a dress. In a previous photo, we took the engagements on this huge estate, so naturally a classic black dress and bold jewelry is going to fit the bill.

Don’t overcomplicate, as our session will go by quickly, so I don’t recommend more than two outfits, because it takes away time we could be photographing.


Location Matters

Your location and theme matter to what you wear. If you’re taking pictures in Zion National Park, be mindful of the colors and outfits that would work with a national park. Or if you’re under a waterfall, make sure what you’re wearing makes sense.

If we happen to be shooting in the beautiful Red Rock of Southern Utah, then you probably shouldn’t wear red or orange. Again, you want to coordinate with the backgrounds.

Typically, really picturesque views really pair well with flowy and free outfits.


Jewelry, Shoes, and the Details

Earring, necklaces, bracelets. Important. On those close-up shots, those bracelets or earrings will really bring out the photo. It gives the viewer that much more to focus on. If you wear bold earrings, don’t wear a bold necklace or even necklace at all. Simplicity is beauty. You two are the stars, the outfits just help tell the story.

Please, please have your nails done. One of the joys of being engaged is that you get a beautiful ring that is begging to get shown off! I have poses that are adorable, also focus in on that gorgeous ring. Plus, I do what I can to make sure your ring hand is showing. When you get your nails done, again, I think it’s better to stay clean and neutral with your nails. Make your nails look nice, but make it so that people notice the ring and not your nails.

How He Matches You

Yes, I wrote that sentence the way I did for a reason. Pick your outfit first, and then choose his. Men will be men, and they just want to kiss you and be comfortable.

Your outfit will be the bold one, his will coordinate. By bold, I mean yours will have the bright color or the pattern.

Guys look great in button up shirts or sweaters. Guys will have the neutral tone shirts to balance the photos.


Make-up and Hair

Again, be yourself. I’ve had brides who typically don’t wear much makeup, but for the session, they went all out. If you’re a bride who doesn’t typically wear a lot of makeup, then follow suit with the session. You don’t want to get the pictures back and not feel like yourself.

Now that that is taken care of, tips and tricks for flawless makeup!

Foundation is fantastic. It will make you look glowing and refreshed. Tips: stay away from SPF and if you choose liquid foundation, get a powder to go on top of it. SPF and liquid foundations will make your skin seem oily rather than glowing (granted, I’m a wonderful photographer who understands, so imperfections, consider them gone in my book). And a quick plug for contouring, don’t go crazy. If you choose to contour, please do a practice run and BLEND.

Eyelashes: Mascara is a wonderful thing, and so are fake lashes. A lot of those ‘serious’ gazing into each other’s eyes will be taken at a down angle, capturing those luscious lashes. If you choose to go the route of fake lashes DO add eyeliner over the lash line to cover any glue.

Lips: If you’re one of those lucky souls who looks fabulous in red lipstick, go ahead and rock it. But my main recommendation is to stay pretty true to your actual lip color. Tips: Definitely stay away from thick lipstick. After the kisses and laughs, it’ll start to clump at the ends of your lips. My best recommendation is a slight gloss lip tint with chapstick in it. Plus, this makes it easy to reapply between shots.

Hair: Too perfect isn’t always ideal. I think photos look best when you look effortlessly flawless. So maybe the losses waves or if you like the way you look with tight curls, then separate them a little with your fingertips. Tips: Definitely spray the top of your hair, even if its straightened. I’ll edit out those loose fly-aways, but I like them to just be gone in the first place. Or another option is to get a shining oil or gel, just add a dime size amount to the tops of your hair to get down those baby hair pieces.


Should You Use Props?

So, I wouldn’t say that I am against props, I think if used correctly, they can be incredibly cute and tell your story. I’ve done engagement sessions where we did there session in the location he proposed.

If you use props, I would say im against cardboard hearts, but I think props are great if they describe your relationhip. One couple, they love love love camping and hiking, so we photographed in Zion National Park and set up a cute campground. Couples bring along their dogs and that’s adorable! And this sweet couple loves to cook. So, if it adds to the story, do it!

If you decide to use props, I’ll help you out during our design session. I’ll ask you questions about what you like to do. If you’re musicions, guitars are adorable to add in. keep everything on the focus of you two.

And that is my all-in-one guide to look effortlessly flawless on your engagement session with me. From makeup to the props, from location to what he should wear.
I’ll talk you through the whole engagement session, I’ll share embarrassing stories about me and continue on with my hilarious jokes. I promise you guys will feel comfortable. Basically, I’ll make it so im not even there. I know, I know, you’re welcome. ;)
My biggeset tip of all, is to just enjoy yourselves. You only take your engagements once, and so have fun picking your outfits and styling your hair. It’s all about you two, and I can’t wait for your session.
-Simply Amor Photography
Samantha <3