Southern Utah Red Rock Mountain Views Elopement

Southern Utah Red Rock Mountain Elopement


Adventurous Elopement near Bryce Canyon in Cedar City Utah


I just adore couples who are all willing to hike up to a spot and take beautiful photos, especially when it comes to red rocks, mountain views, and being so close to Bryce Canyon National Park. This hike is a lesser known hike before Bryce Canyon and Brianhead, Utah, and it allowed for beautiful, intimate moments for this sweet couple.


Deven and Torrey are so perfect for each other, and each picture captured that so well. I think if I were to describe their love, it’s simply that. They’re so perfect for each other, and I was honored to capture that relationship. One beautiful thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to bask in a little bit of everyone’s personal love story, and I truly couldn’t be any more grateful for that.


This hike features beautiful views, but I love that moment right on the edge of the cliff side. I love that moment because the wind lightly blows through your hair and the world just seems to stand still. You know, those are the moments Alex and I live for. Those moments where you can truly appreciate the beautiful world we live in.


Much Amor!!

-Samantha <3